What The Heck Does That Mean?

April 7, 2017

If you accept a website or abode for one you should apperceive what SEO is. It is seek engine enhancement and basically it agency that what you put on your website should be accordant and accurate abundant that seek engines like Google will like your website and account it on page one of a search. Sounds simple enough, right?

Is that it? Of advance not. Here again are some added frequently acclimated words and phrases and what they beggarly to your website.

Anchor argument is the argument that works a link. That is to say it is important in the branch of SEO because you charge accordant keywords that are acclimated as ballast argument to hotlink aback to your site. If, for archetype your website is about puppies, you wish ‘puppies’ to be your ballast text, not something like ‘swimming pools’ which will be absolutely irrelevant.

What is a backlink? It is a hotlink on addition website that believability aback to your site. You can advance the rankings of your website by accepting a lot of backlinks with accordant ballast texts. What seek engines are searching for is the believability and appliance of any accustomed site, if you accept a lot of that with backlinks and ballast texts you are on your way to a abundant ranking.

You may accept heard the appellation area name afore and all it is is the different abode on the internet that is alone for your site.

Duplicate agreeable may be a acceptable way of abacus added pages to your site, but it is frowned aloft by seek engines. If you accept two or added pages with the exact aforementioned or even agnate agreeable it is bad account for your rankings. Seek engines wish different agreeable on anniversary page and for anniversary page to chase the rules apropos keywords.

Which brings us to what are keywords? Do they accept to be a individual word? No, in fact, keywords can be either a individual chat or a byword of SEO importance. Think what you wish humans to seek for in adjustment to acquisition your site. If your website is about puppies again puppies is what you wish them to seek for. Variations on puppies can plan too, just don’t go too far afield.

At the end of the day, seek engines are searching for superior pages with acceptable agreeable that is accordant to the website itself. Keep them blessed and you’ll rank well.

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